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Silal Central Market commences trial operations at Khazaen

The Central Fruit and Vegetable Market (Silal) commenced trial operations at Khazaen Economic City on June 29, 2024. It serves as a national and international platform for the marketing, exporting, importing, and re-exporting of vegetables and fruits. It also acts as a marketing outlet for local agricultural products, benefiting agricultural companies and farmers in the area.


The Silal Market is equipped with various facilities that will revolutionize the food logistics sector, including central cold storage, a wholesale market, dry warehouses, sorting workshops, customs inspection areas, agricultural quarantine facilities, a food safety laboratory, and spaces dedicated to the sale and marketing of local products. These facilities will not only strengthen cold and supply chains but also reduce agricultural losses, ensure product quality and safety, and streamline post-harvest transactions.


Moreover, the Silal Central Market offers business opportunities for small and medium enterprises, while also creating job opportunities for national workers. By providing a comprehensive infrastructure for the handling and distribution of vegetables and fruits, this market is set to play a crucial role in the development of the food industry in Khazaen Economic City.

Significantly, the Silal Central Market will also have a lasting impact on the food security sector. Its state-of-the-art facilities and services will not only benefit local farmers and businesses but also contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the agricultural industry in the region.

Eng Salim bin Sulaiman al Thuhli, CEO of Khazaen Economic City, said: “Today marks a historic milestone in the development of Khazaen Economic City. The launch of the commercial and operational activities of the Silal Market within Khazaen Food City, entirely developed by the private sector, signifies a significant achievement. We take pride in the Omani professionals who have played a pivotal role in leading this project from its inception to its current operational phase.”

He further added: “Silal Market stands as a national project that not only enhances the Sultanate of Oman’s position in the marketing and production of vegetables and fruits but also provides valuable investment opportunities for local businesses. This initiative underscores our commitment to promoting economic growth and sustainability within the region. We look forward to the continued success and growth of Khazaen Economic City, as we strive to create integrated investment environment for all promising industries.”

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