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Abraj Energy Services showcases sustainability and innovation

Abraj Energy Services, Oman’s leading oil and gas services provider, engaged with key decision-makers, industry leaders, and innovators in the petroleum and energy sector. The company highlighted its latest competitive solutions and strategic partnerships in the oil and gas sector at the Oman Petroleum and Energy Show in Muscat from April 22 to 24, 2024. The event, inaugurated by Eng Salem al Aufi, Minister of Energy and Minerals, featured an exhibit that showcased the company’s commitment to developing and enhancing the sector’s efficiency.

Abraj Energy Services, with its cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, has significantly improved operational and sustainable efficiency in the petroleum and gas sector. This has not only affirmed its leading position in the drilling services market with a 29% market share in drilling services and over 15% in well maintenance services in Oman but also left a lasting impact on the industry.

Abraj’s booth was a hub of activity, attracting significant attention from industry decision-makers and pioneers. Through interactive screens and virtual reality technologies, visitors were able to experience firsthand the effectiveness of the solutions provided, enhancing their understanding and engagement with the company’s offerings.

On this occasion, Eng Saif al Hamhami, CEO of Abraj Energy Services, stated: “Abraj Energy Services’ sponsorship of the Oman Petroleum and Energy Show and our active participation reflect our steadfast commitment to contributing to the sector’s development and sustainability. We hold the largest share in the drilling services market in Oman, capturing 29% of the drilling services and more than 15% of well maintenance services.”

He added, “Our participation aims to share our experiences in developing sustainable solutions and adopting global best practices to reduce carbon emissions and enhance environmental performance, confirming that sustainability at Abraj is a deep-rooted culture through which we strive to offer the best practices and effective, innovative solutions for operational and environmental sustainability.”

Abraj, in a move that signals promising future prospects, announced the signing of two important cooperation memorandums. The first, with Sonatrach, the Algerian state oil and gas company, opens new horizons for collaborative business opportunities and integrated project management. The second, a local partnership with Omantel, the Omani telecommunications company, is a strategic agreement to enhance talent and performance management within the company, setting the stage for a bright future.

Abraj Energy Services also presented a series of workshops that embodied the company’s commitment to sharing its managerial and technical expertise to improve the quality and efficiency of services in the sector. The workshops began with Engineer Zainab al Nadhairi discussing “Innovative Solutions for Operational Excellence.” This was followed by Abdullah al Busaidi presenting ” Effective Marketing Communications: Competitive Positioning in Oman’s Oil and Gas Industry ” On the final day of the exhibition, Mohammed al Habsi explored “Future Skills for the Workforce,” and Saud al Ghafri presented “Enhanced Control Systems in Drilling Platforms.”

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