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Gulf Studs LLC

About Company

Gulf Studs is a leading Omani Fasteners manufacturing company focusing on the quality & on time delivery for all kinds of fasteners such as Stud bolts, Hex bolts, Foundation bolts, Anchor bolts, U bolts, special bolts, Nuts & Washers, threaded & non threaded bars in various grades & standards.

Gulf Studs aims to serve Oil & Gas, Petroleum industries, Petrochemicals, Oil refineries & rigs, Power & Energy, General & Civil Engineering, Construction, Marine, Shipping, Steel fabrication & Desalination plants of Water industries with its manufacturing capabilities & ready stock throughout MENA region.

A leading in the Fasteners Manufacture, bolts and nuts & Assembly & Accessories Suppliers & Products you need and more important is our commitment to stay with you until the job is done. Gulf Studs LLC also supplies assembly & accessories of All kind of Anchor Bolt (J- Type, L- Type, Vertical Type & U-Type), Hex Bolts Nuts and Washers, Custom made Fasteners, special Fabricated (Design-Based) products.

Business Category: Minerals & Raw Materials
Contact Person: Mr. Mohammed Saifuddin