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Salalah Port upgrade to lift container terminal capacity to 6 million TEUs

Four fully assembled Megamax container cranes, delivered to the Port of Salalah by the Chinese transport ship ZHEN HUA 25 earlier this week, are among the largest container gantry cranes globally, setting new standards of size and capability.


These colossal cranes, the first batch of a total of 10 cranes, have a lift height of 58.00 meters and an outreach of 75.00 meters, the port said in a statement. Salalah’s container terminal is undergoing an upgrade to accommodate the largest container ships.


The container terminal at the Port of Salalah already boasts a quay length of 2,197 meters, a draft of 18.00 meters, and an existing design capacity of 5.00 million TEUs.


The new cranes, part of the Terminal upgrade project which upon completion in Q1 2025 will not only enhance its capacity to 6M TEUs but also bolster its capability to meet the evolving demands of the maritime industry.

Keld M Christensen, CEO of Port of Salalah, welcomed these Megamax container cranes to Salalah Port and said, “In welcoming these engineering marvels to Salalah Port, we mark a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing global trade connectivity. These cranes not only elevate our port’s infrastructure but also reinforce our commitment to delivering excellence in maritime services.


With our partners and stakeholders, we continue to lead the way in facilitating efficient and sustainable trade operations, positioning Salalah Port as a premier gateway for international commerce”.


The arrival of these cutting-edge cranes marks a significant stride towards elevating Salalah Port’s status as a global maritime hub. As the megamax-ready terminal continues to attract major players in the industry, it cements its position as a key player in handling the world’s largest container vessels.


In 1998, the Port of Salalah was established as a joint venture between APM Terminals and ASYAD, representing the Government of Oman.


APM Terminals, which spearheads container terminal operations and holds a 30% stake in the venture, partnered with the government and institutional investors to create a state-of-the-art facility capable of handling the world’s largest container vessels.


This long-standing partnership is a testament to Oman’s commitment to excellence and the contribution in port management and development.