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Oman’s industrial sector advances through automation and innovation

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) in Oman is dedicated to enhancing the country’s industrial sector and boosting its contribution to the local GDP. By continuously updating laws, providing support to Omani factories through facilities and exemptions, and addressing sector challenges, the ministry aims to drive growth and sustainability. Initiatives focused on localising investments, creating value addition, and embracing advanced technologies like Factory Automation and Artificial Intelligence are at the forefront of Oman’s industrial strategy.


The current emphasis on ‘Factory Automation and Artificial Intelligence’ as the theme for Oman’s Industry Day highlights the country’s commitment to advancing its industrial landscape. By promoting the adoption of these technologies, the ministry envisions improved production efficiency, enhanced product competitiveness, and adherence to global best practices. This strategic move aligns with global trends towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution and underscores the importance of modernization for economic

Recognising the pivotal role of the industrial sector in economic diversification and the Oman Vision 2040 goals, the MoCIIP stresses the necessity of integrating Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to maintain competitiveness and foster innovation. The recent launch of the ‘Factory Automation and Artificial Intelligence’ initiative aims to elevate local industries by promoting operational excellence and advanced technology adoption among both new and existing factories.


As Oman celebrates its Industrial Day, stakeholders acknowledge the sector’s growth and success, driven by supportive policies and collaborative efforts. The manufacturing sector’s significant progress reflects the positive outcomes of government initiatives and private sector engagement, leading to enhanced productivity, quality, and competitiveness. Notably, the value-added efforts and focus on non-oil revenue sources align with Oman’s economic diversification strategy.


Key industry figures like Mazin al Siyabi highlight the manufacturing sector’s transformation into a vital economic driver, reducing reliance on oil revenues. Initiatives such as the Value-Added Localisation Programme aim to boost local industries, expand production capacities, and increase contributions to the GDP. The launch of the ‘Made in Oman’ electronic platform further promotes local products, streamlining certification processes and endorsing Omani quality standards.


Professor Ghassan al Kindi emphasizes the importance of innovation, artificial intelligence, and research in advancing Oman’s industrial capabilities. Embracing automation and Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies is seen as crucial for sustainable growth and global competitiveness. The proactive approach of the MoCIIP to assess and qualify industrial companies for technology adoption underscores the government’s commitment to upgrading production processes and creating skilled job opportunities for Omanis.


Investing in skills development is a cornerstone of Oman’s industrial strategy, as highlighted by Ahmed al Barwani of the Sectorial Skills Unit for the Industrial Sector. By identifying skill needs, setting national standards, and accrediting programs, the unit aims to build a competitive workforce and enhance sector competitiveness. Collaboration with various stakeholders and a focus on continuous skill improvement are vital for the sector’s growth and contribution to the national economy.


Looking ahead, partnerships between the public and private sectors are essential for attracting investments, supporting exports, and enhancing product competitiveness. The upcoming transition to more advanced industries necessitates training and preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Leveraging modern technologies, market trends, and scientific research will be key to driving industrial development, reducing costs, and preserving the environment.


Oman’s industrial sector is poised for growth and innovation through automation and technology adoption. By embracing change, investing in skills, and fostering collaboration, Oman aims to position itself as a hub for industrial excellence and economic diversification in line with its Vision 2040 objectives.







Oman Daily Observer