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Petra tissue started as a small Tissue Paper Factory in 1985.

With great vision, dream, ability, and willingness among its members, Petra grew in a significant way and became one of the top Tissue Paper Manufacturers in Lebanon. Through the thick and thin, Petra Tissue members shared the same vision and formed a very strong bond called the “Petra Family”.

Throughout the years of tough economic situations, Petra expanded its business and exported to different countries from Canada, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, to Cameroon and Ghana.

Because of customer’s loyalty the brand, and because of continuous inprovement blended with consistency, Petra Contiued its journey and opened a Second Branch in the Heart of the Arab Gulf, in Sultanate Of Oman.


The Company’s Vision is to be “Evergreen, everywhere, everytime.”


Petra Tissue Mission is to make an impact that matters by delivering high quality products with the most suitable prices worldwide.

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