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Muscat and Barka Business Trading have been manufacturing and supplying a wide array of chemicals over the two decades and has emerged as a market leader in the global arena under the umbrella of RXSOL GROUP OF INDUSTRIES. We have sufficed the needs of thousands of customers by providing them with our sophisticatedly manufactured chemicals using next-gen technology. We have made significant efforts in diversifying our company’s offering by refining our processes, fostering stronger relationships, and adopting sustainable practices, we do our best to help our valuable customers achieve their desired results through our extensive science and research-backed products. Our company’s deep-rooted principles and service have helped us have a strong foothold in not only domestic but also international market on a large scale. MBBT chemical has been relentlessly serving our customers by adapting to the ever-changing chemical supply chain dynamics. We are one of the highly recognized and acknowledged chemical companies in Oman.
We believe in attaining greatness by anticipating customer demands of chemicals in Muscat Oman and using an influential expert team in the field of specialty chemicals business to be able to fulfill those demands.
MBBT chemcial strives to remain a committed chemical company that instills meticulous craftsmanship, ethical manufacturing, high-tech innovation, and ingenuity. We believe in being a partner in the progress of its customers and providing reliable customer service with all technical expertise, beginning with raw materials and continuing to innovative solutions in the chemicals sector.

MUSCAT BARKA Chemical Company MBBT is Chemical Manufacturer and Supplier of raw materials in BARKA SANAYA and also providing chemical –  services to industries like manufacturing, agro-veterinary, pharmaceuticals, food and process industries, Steel Plant, Cement Plant, Concrete Admixture, etc
RXSOL Group Incorporated in 1995, And division group MBBT Chemical has its core chemical business in the manufacture, import, export, retail, and distribution of many types of chemical raw materials for use in industrial applications.

RXSOL MBBT VENTURE is specialize in supplying raw materials and services to industries like manufacturing, agro-veterinary, pharmaceuticals, food, and process industries. We also specialize in petrochemical solvents & industrial solvents used by many industries in OMAN Middle East.

RXSOL GROUP has a strong presence in INDIA Middle East, and Oman. RXSOL GROUP Established in UAE in 1999s with the incorporation of DUBI CHEM MARINE INTERNATIONAL,And MBBT CHEMICAL Company in MUSCAT OMAN.  With highly established supply networks and chains, the RXSOL Group believes in working along with consumers to identify and source products that specifically meet their needs in a cost-effective manner.

The RXSOL Group also has a long history of association and support from reputable and largest chemical suppliers which allow RXSOL MBBT Group to gain economies of scale, which are passed on to the consumers as a reduction in prices.

RXSOL MBBT CHEMICAL GROUP has a strong presence in MUSCAT OMAN. Industries served include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, coatings and adhesives, automotive, and fast-moving consumer goods amongst others.

MUSCAT and BARKA for BUSINESS TRADING Chemical Company is committed to the safety of the environment and hence most of our products are eco-friendly, bio-degradable and meet international quality standards. Muscat Chemical supplies various types of hold cleaning products like High Foam Emulsifier Cleaner, Tuff High Foam conc.


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