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Manar Food Industries LLC.

Manar is an ISO 22000:2005 certified company dedicated to satisfying the snack cravings of our customers, since early 2000. Our scrumptious line up of savory snacks is made using the best cooking methods and innovative techniques.

The perfect balance of flavors, spices and the highest quality ingredients together produce the consistently delicious range of snacks. The more than 40 snack variants reach every nook and corner of Oman and is exported to five other countries.

The Manar shelf of snacks comprises of brands such as Suroor, Yum Yum, Zaaky, Kamel. Snack lovers can pick and choose from the bold and unique flavors and munch away to their heart’s content.

Manufacture and sales of healthy, nourishing snacks through unwavering dedication to bring crispy moments and goodness with every bite.

To be a market leader in “Crispy goodnessâ snacks.


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