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Local Line LLC

Local Line LLC's logistics and supply operations for drilling chemicals.

Leading Drilling Chemicals Supplier in the Middle East: Local Line LLC

Local Line LLC, founded in 2004, initially focused on transportation and earth moving equipment rental. However, in 2009, the company shifted its business focus towards the oil field supply and services sector. This strategic change was driven by the management’s extensive experience in the oil industry. Today, Local Line LLC stands as a leading supplier of drilling chemicals in the Middle East.

Expertise and Long-Term Agreements

Our expertise has enabled it to secure several long-term agreements for chemical supply. One of the notable clients is Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). These contracts, valued at over USD 500 million, highlight the company’s reliability and commitment to excellence.

The company’s success is built on its deep understanding of the oil industry’s needs. By providing high-quality drilling chemicals, The company supports efficient and safe drilling operations. This focus on quality and service has cemented its position as a key player in the market.

Comprehensive Logistics Services

In addition to supplying drilling chemicals, We offers comprehensive logistics services. These services include the transportation of heavy equipment and the rental of earth moving machinery. The company’s robust logistics network ensures timely delivery and efficient operations.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond its products and services. The company maintains high standards of safety and environmental responsibility. This dedication to quality and sustainability sets it apart from competitors.

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