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Hotpack Packaging LLC

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Hotpack Holding and Investment Ltd stands as a prominent force in the food packaging industry, boasting a rich legacy since its inception in 1995. Operating through its subsidiaries, Hotpack Packaging Industries and H-Pack Packaging, the company has been a trailblazer in the manufacturing and distribution of packaging products, catering to a diverse range of industries including consumer-packaged goods, food, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Over 28 years, we have solidified our position as the largest manufacturer in the region.

Our product offerings encompass a wide spectrum of packaging solutions, ranging from paper and aluminum to plastic, with a particular emphasis on eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives. This commitment aligns with our vision of providing sustainable solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the global market.

Spanning an impressive 2 million square feet, our 16 cutting-edge manufacturing plants are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, reflecting our dedication to innovation and efficiency. This, coupled with our robust logistics and warehousing capabilities, positions Hotpack as an industry leader.

Our global footprint extends across more than 28 locations, reaching markets in the Middle East, UK, North America, Malaysia, India, and various African countries. In line with our mission to deliver value, we are committed to offering top-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled value for their investments.

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