Gulf Potash Corporation (GPC) LLC

Gulf Potash Corporation (GPC) LLC is our 2nd plant and the only manufacturer of potassium chloride in Oman. GPC provides high quality production of potassium chloride which can be effectively used either in oil-drilling muds or as fertilizer in agriculture. Annual capacity is 60.000mt of Potassium Chloride, so the plant is
considered to be one of the leading Potassium products producers in GCC. GPC location is Rusayl – Industrial area
of Muscat.

Gulf Potash Corporation is responsible for delivering high quality products maintaining high HSE standards. Apart from KCL GPC produces different blended chemicals which are consumed by oil-drilling and oil-refining industries, provides additional logistics facilities for the whole Group (warehouses, bagging operations, bulk chemicals discharging from containers by tilters).

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