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Flexible Rubber Factory

About Us

Flexible Rubber Factory is an Omani Company established in 2016 by Omani entrepreneurs with Investment. Fiber to Reclaim Rubber is the first tire recycling factory in Oman producing crumb rubber and using high quality equipment. Aiming to effectively improve our environment by converting the waste (Rubber Waste) 10 useful ntatcrial. Fiber to Reclaim Rubber factory which is located In IZWA produces a variety of rubber mesh granules. These granules are used for different products in various industries such as civil engineering, asphalt/road surfacing, playgrounds, athletic fields, landscaping and plants/gardens applications. Fiber to Reclaim Rubber products are high quality as Fiber to Reclaim Rubber to ensure satisfaction of our environment friendly clients.


Our Vision is to lead the tire recycling industry and to promote the clean environment concepts to Oman and GCC.


Our mission is to reduce environmental pollution by providing tire recycling solutions utilizing a state of art machinery to produce creative products.

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