As the Chief Executive Officer, I feel extremely honored to be conveying this message. 2021 marks a special time period in our history as a major restructuring took place within our organization, through our merging with our warehouses and farms to operate under an umbrella highly reputable not only locally but throughout our region as well:”Emdad Foods”.

Having commenced our journey in Jordan during 1956, we succeeded in expanding our business operations to cover the GCC, with Muscat being eventually chosen in 1997 as the headquarters for running our operations.

The success we have enjoyed lies not only in the relationships we have formed with numerous suppliers from around the globe, but also in the partnerships we have established with over 1000 clients- all of which have been built based on trust and long- term commitment.

Our customer focused approach is a clear reflection of our full commitment in achieving maximum customer satisfaction through the efficient delivery of top-notch products.

Hence, our warehouses being hone to the most sophisticated technological innovations, is clear proof of our advanced logistic capabilities.

At Emdad, we will never forego our commitment towards our customers in providing an exceptional service, thereby living and abiding by our core values.

Looking towards the future, we are focused on accelerating our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brands.

While conveying my deep appreciation of our team’s efforts and dedication which has been the driving force behind our successes, I am highly optimistic about this journey and truly believe that the best at Emdad Foods is yet to come.

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