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Majan Plastic Industries LLC. مجان للصناعات البلاستيكية

Majan Plastic Industries (MPI) is a one of the leading companies in the production of plastic products and complete range of polythene c bags and shrink films. It was founded in 1998 by Mr. Mohammed bin Salim Al Jabri, in the south of SHARQIA GOVERNORATE and then shifted its activity to the governorate of Muscat in Rusayl Industrial Estate in 2003. MPI has all the latest technical equipment with qualified human cadres and supervisors under distinct administrative experience to provide the requirements of the market and meet customers’ needs. The company uses raw materials from the first non-elites recycled to ensure product quality.
It considers plastic products easy to use plastic materials such as plastic bags that help us to move or save or traded most of the food products, the most commonly used materials in all fields of industrial and consumer food and life in modern times, they are involved in food packaging, preservation and confectionery items. It’s featuring terms of weight and usability of the formation to suit the purposes of use and resistance to heat and corrosion by acids, alkalis and solvents.

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